Write either an email or letter to this friend, encouraging him or her to return to school. Use your own personal experience to motivate and show the friend how he or she can face the challenges that college might bring. Also offer suggestions related to time management and setting goals. One paragraph

 Which stage of critical thinking (Unreflective, Challenged, Beginning, or Practicing) have you reached? Why do you believe you are currently at this level? 50 words

One description of critical thinking is thinking about how you think. What does that description mean to you? 50 words

What is one of your thinking blind spots, according to your family and friends? What is the trigger, topic, or situation that is most likely to cause you to have poor thinking? Now that you have identified this blind spot, how can you improve? 50 words

 Both emotion and reason serve a purpose in helping us in making decisions. As explored in the video, both emotion and reason can enhance the decision making process. Also, if excessive each can lead us to poor decisions. Each can act in a way to enlighten, inform, and enhance our use of the other. How can understanding these two systems – emotion and reason – help you in making better informed decisions? 50 words

Freud believed that the 3 levels (also known as iceberg levels) can and will influence a person’s actions (behaviors).  “While this information is not consciously accessible, Freud still believed that its influence could play a powerful role in conscious behavior and well-being. He linked psychological distress to unresolved feelings of conflict that were outside of awareness, and many of the therapeutic techniques he utilized focused on bringing unconscious urges, feelings, and memories into conscious awareness so that they could then be dealt with effectively”.  (Carducci, 2009)

Class, what are your thoughts on the three levels? 50 words

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