From a Parents Perspective  For this assignment, you will research treatment options for a child clinical issue of your choice. The first part of your paper should define the presenting problem. What disorder does the child have and how do you know (according to DSM criteria)? How does it manifest itself in the child’s thoughts, behaviors, actions etc.? Give examples of the child’s behavior(s) that lead you to this diagnosis. You must be able to show your understanding of the problem/diagnosis. Make sure to give identifying information about the child (age, sex, who they live with etc.).  Your next task is to research the possible treatment options for the diagnosis from the perspective of a parent. You must be able to identify at least 4 different treatment options. Write about the pros and cons of each. You can compare and contrast them. Is there anything interesting relating to this disorder (famous people with disorder, current theorists, weird treatments, etc.)? Is there anything new in the field? You must use references from journals, newspaper articles etc. showing current research results on each method. You will then choose a treatment option and justify the reasons you chose this treatment. An accurate example of the actual treatment that the child will undergo in therapy. If using psychotherapy, make sure you are specific in describing which kind (humanistic, behavioral, etc.) and some of the specific strategies used.  Why did you (as the parent) choose this treatment, and why do you feel this is the best treatment for your child?? As the parent what will be your involvement be (if any) in the treatment that you have chosen?

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