Walden University BIOL 1001 Week 5 Exam (2019)

Question 1    3 out of 3 points
The phrase “survival of the fittest” is somewhat misleading because it implies that:

Question 2    3 out of 3 points

Choose the best answer. The logic of natural selection predicts that a population of organisms will undergo evolution if, and only if, which of the following condition(s) exist?

Question 3    2 out of 2 points

Your friend was diagnosed with strep throat 2 months ago. She was treated with antibiotics for 10 days, but 2 weeks after treatment, the symptoms returned. She was given a different antibiotic, and her symptoms again initially improved but then got worse. What is happening? Choose the best answer.

Question 4    2 out of 2 points

Which of the following occurs after the creation of a new allele?

Question 5    2 out of 2 points
A biologist has been studying two populations of trout in Montana for the last 25 years, when the two populations were established from one common population. In the southern population, the fish now have a slightly different mouth shape. But the northern population hasn’t changed from the original type. The new shape works well in catching the type of prey common in the habitat of the southern population. Which explanation is the most likely explanation of the gene differences in the two populations?

Question 6    3 out of 3 points

A key prediction/implication of evolutionary theory is that:

Question 7    2 out of 2 points

You notice that some squirrels in your neighborhood have a much darker coat color than most of the other squirrels. Is this darker color an adaptation?

Question 8    2 out of 2 points
Which of the following traits can be acted on by natural selection?

Question 9    3 out of 3 points
In 1980, only 1% to 5% of all Staphylococcus aureus isolates were MRSA strains. Now 60% to 70% of S. aureus isolates are MRSA strains. This is an example of:
Question 10
As natural selection acts on a population, the amount of variation in the population should:

Question 11    3 out of 3 points

Which of the following is not a way in which the theory of evolution has been supported?

Question 12    3 out of 3 points

Two unrelated individuals with the same color skin would:

Question 13    2 out of 2 points

In a population where most of the individuals have long, narrow noses, a child is born with a shorter, broader nose. What’s the most likely explanation for this variation?

Question 14    2 out of 2 points
Which individuals have the greatest fitness in an area where malaria is common?

Question 15    3 out of 3 points
A small founder population of turtles has established a population on an island with a varied and good habitat. There is very little competition between members. What is the likely effect on evolution of this low level of competition? The population will remain very stable in size, and it won’t evolve much.

Question 16    2 out of 2 points

What is an allele?

Question 17    2 out of 2 points
Which of the following describes natural selection?

Question 18    3 out of 3 points

Which of the following is true of individuals who are well adapted for a particular environment?

Question 19    3 out of 3 points

In what way is artificial selection different from natural selection?

Question 20    2 out of 2 points

What is the evolutionary origin of light skin in humans?

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