I am attaching a document called “The Four Temperaments.”

I. The first part of the assignment is for you to analyze your results according to what Hippocrates and Galen believed about the four bodily fluids. In one robust paragraph tell me why you resulted in this Bodily Humour. What does this mean about you? What personality types do you get along with best? What would have been done to you in Hippocrates’ day to balance out your bodily fluids, since you had too much of one, according to their personality theory.

II. Take the Animal Personality test that is attached. Once you have completed it and received your results, analyze those results for me. In one robust paragraph, tell me if you scored the same animal type I suggested that you would at the end of your Bodily Fluid test. Why do you think this author chose this particular animal to describe you? What animal do you think you should marry one day? – an animal that is like you, or opposite of you? What do people label you as because you are this animal type?

When you are finished, you should submit back to me your completed test, along with these two paragraphs. You may take a picture with your phone of the test if you like, because you may have difficulty re-uploading the PDF test.

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