Guided Response: Review several of your peers’ posts and respond to at least two discussing their answers. Examine the examples your peers gave for technology use within the higher education classroom. Suggest other uses of the current technology that they have suggested to use. 

Anthony Patrick

Technology is all around us. There is no escaping the fact that we live in a technological world that is changing daily. Our students today are often very tech-savvy and respond well to technology-based activities.

How will you use technology in your higher education classroom? What are some simple ways you can integrate technology into your everyday instruction? How can technology be used for assessment? Discuss at least two ways technology can be used to enhance your course design.

In a general sense, technology itself is engaging. Today’s students spend hours engaged in some type of technology device. However, when it comes to integrating technology during the learning process, it simplifies the learning. The students develop an internal excitement when they are presented with technology devices. Technology promotes the students to find their own problems, and receive feedback. It also is a great tool and scaffold that enhance learning, support thinking and problem solving, model activities and guided practice. Technology is an essential part of learning. Yes, the use of computers and Ipads are key teaching materials, however, the use of technology can also include DVD, videos, and audiobooks. These features, as well as computers, iPads, as well as interactive clickers,  are all ways to increase class participation and gain the interest of the students. They tend to be used as aids in making the content relatable and easier to understand for the students.

Technology supports differentiated learning by fulfilling the roles of a computer could be a tutor, & tool (Edyburn,2013). When technology is used as a tutor, the students are providing with results that and the students will have access to the newly presented information. The students are using these tools as a means of extra practice with their work. When the students are using the technology they can work at their own unique pace and work on problems that are tailored to their specific learning needs. The results are generally given immediately after the students are finished with their work. Technology can be used to support assessments in various capacities. One of the roles in which technology plays within assessing students is that it is able to effectively track and record feedback for the students to provide them with appropriate practice. Many e-assessments tools are resources and aids that are used as formative assessments tools that increase students’ engagement, knowledge, and deeper learning.

Two ways in which technology can enhance my course design by offering multi-media interactions to all of the students. The students can operate, interact and complete assignments in creative ways. Technology can also enhance my course design by providing students more access to course materials.


Edyburn, D. L. (2013). Inclusive technologies: Tools for helping diverse learners achieve academic success [Electronic Version]. Retrieved from

Jessica Roberts

Since it seems that technology is a requirement now more than a tool once used. It would require me to place more emphasis on using the technology in order to complete assignments and find new tools to add to their toolbox. I would use programs such as Prezi or voicethread to create slideshows and interactive media tools to capture my student’s attention. These programs offer more than just a way to present information but allow sharing and brainstorming for students. It’s not much different from the traditional powerpoint but it allows for the biggest change of collaborating with others.  

Technology in assessment is as easy as creating a rubric via online tools and making sure students are aware that the information was taken from other online resources and where to find the information in order to complete the assessment. For example as an online student, much of my assignments are from all online resources, the use of Grammarly and citation creation allow me to make sure my papers are proofread and correct. Most of my assessments are summative to measure what I have learned through the week’s readings which leaves me to make sure I have read and used the additional resources that my professor has left me. Technology allows for students and professors to communication during online discussions but can also allow for an open discussion forum with online video chats so as to experience some face to face conversations. Another way to use technology is to create a sharing forum that allows students in the class to share work and ask questions during a set-aside time for assignment sharing. It will allow a chance for students to submit work and have peer review. 

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