This is the 8th reading reflection for the quarter, and for this reading reflection you will be covering Chapter 12 Media: Uses, Risks and Benefits of Child Development Worldwide A Cultural Approach.

Please answer the following questions for Chapter 12:

1) On page 404 the book begins to talk about the Use of Media, what stood out to you in this part of the chapter? It looks at children’s emotional, cognitive and social uses of media, what are your thoughts on these? ( at least 1 paragraph).

2) On page 409 the book begins to talk about the risks of media, how do you feel about the risks they discuss? How can we educate families about these risks? Are adults at risk as well? (at least 1 paragraph)

3) On 414 the book begins to talk about benefits of media, what stuck with you about the benefits that they list? Are there additional benefits that you feel they did not include? (at least 1 paragraph)

4) Now what: What will you do with the information from Chapter 12. How will you use it in your work as a early childhood educator/teacher. (at least 1 paragraph)

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