The first part of this assignment requires you to practice with someone (child, teen or adult) the skill of reflecting.   This is not therapy.   It is just a way for you to practice “reflecting” verbal and nonverbal behavior and content as you watch/engage with this individual for several minutes.   Review pp. 217-233 in the textbook re: reflection responses etc. and review the “Child Centered Play Therapy” video for reflection examples. 

The second part of this assignment is a 3 page double spaced paper which must first include your self-reflections (a few paragraphs) about your reflecting practice, and your thoughts/reflections in light of your reflecting experience, regarding what Dr. Garry Landreth says about the following topics: 

      a.  why play therapy is not done at a table and the positioning of the therapist in play therapy,

      b.  why play therapists wait for an invitation from the child to join in play,

      c.  why we look for “firsts” in play therapy,

      d.  being “with” the child in play therapy

Assignment 2

Review Dr. Landreth’s videos “Understanding Themes in Play Therapy,” and “Limit Setting in Play Therapy.”

1.   Discuss your experience of completing Assignment #4 in light of these videos and

2.   discuss the significance of the repeated play of the 2 1/2 year old child in the “themes” video.
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