Think about the last time you had to turn in an academic paper. How long ago was it? For some, it may have been recent, but for many, it has been some time since they took a college course. You might write regularly but academic writing has a different look and tone than informal or business writing. Therefore, it is important for you to understand Instructor expectations as you embark on your degree program journey. Whether you recently completed a degree program or have not taken a college course in 20 years, planning for success is key.

To prepare:

Visit each tab on the “Scholarly Writing: Overview” page on the Walden Writing Center website, located in the Learning Resources section for this week. Review some of the additional resources, such as the recorded webinars. Then, reflect and provide a self-assessment in your journal this week on:


ExcellentGoodFairPoorContent Review of parameters for individual Assignments

15 (60%) – 15 (60%)

All required content is discussed in the Journal.

12 (48%) – 14 (56%)

One of the required components is missing.

9 (36%) – 11 (44%)

More than one of the required components is missing; OR Entries are a little off topic or a little vague.

0 (0%) – 8 (32%)

Entry is missing; OR Entries are very off topic; AND/OR Limited depth and/or insufficient detail is given for the reader to understand the content.

Reflective Analysis and Writing Reflective thoughts about the topics and some self-analysis

10 (40%) – 10 (40%)

Reflection is thoughtful, convincing, insightful, and exploratory.

8 (32%) – 9 (36%)

Some analysis and reflection is present BUT Could be more thoughtful, convincing, insightful, or exploratory; AND/OR Analysis is somewhat lacking in connection between the topic and the personal experiences and thoughts.

6 (24%) – 7 (28%)

Analysis and reflection is not very compelling, thoughtful, insightful, or convincing; AND/OR Analysis is very brief and ideas are not elaborated upon; AND/OR Connection between the topic and personal experiences and thoughts is limited.

0 (0%) – 5 (20%)

Analysis/reflection of the topics is missing; AND/OR Writing is limited to basic generalizations; AND/OR Writing is disorganized and uncle

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