How do you believe that ecological/cultural determinants play a part in your aspirations to do crisis counseling? What should you be wary of as you approach a person who is of a different age, sex, occupation, etc (i.e. social locations)?

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What part does psychoeducation play in crisis intervention and why is that true now?

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In our society, it is relatively uncommon for people to use “straight talk” in their relationships. Why do you think this is so? What are the personal and societal obstacles to using “straight talk,” and how might they be overcome? For example, do you think children should be taught in school how to engage in effective communication and conflict resolutions? Would it be feasible for them to practice such techniques with teachers and other authority figures, as well as peers? Finally, are there circumstances in which you feel it would be unwise to engage in “straight talk”? If so, what are those circumstances?

400 words or more

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