Question 1

Marilyn is a full-time nursing student. She is also a wife and mother of three children.  Recently her husband’s job has required that he travel away from home during the week.  Without his help on the home front, Marilyn will most likely experience:

[removed] overload.
[removed] conflict.
[removed] an emotional breakdown.
[removed] a physical breakdown.

Question 2

____________ is defined as a response made by individuals to threatening events that tax their ability to cope?

[removed] A stressor
[removed] Stress
[removed] Adaptation
[removed] Resistance

Question 3

To maintain their standard of living, today’s workers in America are working ____________ than in the past decades.

[removed] longer hours and at a harder pace
[removed] longer hours but at an easier pace
[removed] shorter hours but at a harder pace
[removed] shorter hours and at an easier pace

Question 4

Acculturation tends to be the LEAST stressful for persons who adapt through:

[removed] Assimilation
[removed] Marginalization
[removed] Separation
[removed] Integration

Question 5

_________________ is the scientific field that explores connections among psychological factors, the nervous system, and the immune system.

[removed] Psychoneuroimmunology
[removed] Neuropsychosis
[removed] Immunoneurosis
[removed] Neuroimmunopsychology

Question 6

Recent research reveals that the trait of _______ is more precisely linked with heart disease.

[removed] hardiness
[removed] competitiveness
[removed] impatience
[removed] hostility

Question 7

In ____________, individuals evaluate their resources and determine how effectively they can be used to cope with the event.

[removed] the resistance stance.
[removed] the resolution phase.
[removed] primary appraisal.
[removed] secondary appraisa

Question 8

The rates of PTSD would most likely be:

[removed] higher in victims of hurricanes.
[removed] higher in victims of interstate highway accidents.
[removed] higher in victims of terrorist attacks.
[removed] the same no matter what the cause.

Question 9

Which of the following is the BEST summary of the relationship between stress and the immune system functioning?

[removed] Stressors improve the functioning of the immune system.
[removed] Stressors lead to immune system adaptation.
[removed] Stressors can reduce the responsiveness of the immune system.
[removed] There is no relationship between stress and the functioning of the immune system.

Question 10

When people move into the larger culture but maintain many aspects of their distinctive cultural identity, the people have adapted to the new culture through:

[removed] marginalization.
[removed] integration.
[removed] assimilation.
[removed] collective separation
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