Assignment #4: Personal Learning Theory

Throughout  the term, you have reviewed many different perspectives on learning.  Scholars and researchers have been debating learning approaches for  almost as long as we have been learning. For this final assignment,  Achievement First is interviewing you to work as a consultant to improve  student learning. Part of your interview involves making a presentation  about your personal learning theory. Relying on information learned and  read in this course and at least two (2) outside references, create a  six to eight (6-8) slide presentation describing your personal learning  theory. You may choose presentation software you prefer. As you develop  your presentation, include:

  1. Describe the target audience  with which you expect to work (e.g., 8 years old, special education,  all-male). Discuss the theories or element of theories you have learned  in this course that apply to the target audience you have described.
  2. Prioritize  the concepts that you must consider when formulating your personal  learning theory. Next, explain your personal learning theory. Based upon  your personal learning theory, describe the process by which you think  people learn. Note: This is your personal theory that encompasses ideas  or improves upon other theories studied throughout this course.
  3. Outline a strategy for using your personal learning theory to help your target population learn.
  4. Create  a new and / or improved learning theory based on the theories or  elements of theories that you identified in criterion #3. Create a new  name for your learning theory. Describe the manner in which you would  apply this new and / or improved theory to the target audience to help  them learn.

The format of the report is to be as follows:

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