You have  learned much about human behavior in this class so far. Looking at  different topics and concepts covered; identify three concepts that are  important to you because they have helped you understand something in  your life. In each case, do the following:  Describe the concept (e.g. you might explain what phobias are and how  they can be classically conditioned). Use an example or examples from your own life to explain why the concept  is important to you (e.g. describe a specific example(s) from your own  life-this could be a phobia you have or a phobia someone you know has).       Using your OWN words, how would you explain or teach this concept to  someone else (e.g. in your own words explain the phobia to someone  else). Note: You must answer these questions for 3 concepts.     Requirements:  3-5 pages Double Spaced Times New Roman Font, size 12 1 inch margins Include Title Page Cite the information you received from the text book both throughout the  text as well as create a reference page at the back of the content. The reference page is not counted in the page length of the paper.   APA  format  Discovering Psychology book hockenbury& hockenbury

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