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After 9/11, the position of National Director of Intelligence (NDI) was created to bring organization to the multitude of intelligence agencies.  Today there remain at least 17 intelligence agencies in US government.  Why do we still have so many? 500 words 2 references 

Congress has been given oversight of the US Intelligence Community.  The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has 21 members.  The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has 15 members.  There is a belief in some quarters that 36 members of Congress are too many to entrust with sensitive intelligence data given the congressional propensity for leaks to the media.  This has resulted in certain intelligence issues being disclosed only to the “Gang of Eight,” which is composed of committee leadership and House and Senate leaders.  This excludes 32 of the 36 committee members who maintain they cannot exercise their oversight responsibilities by being left in the dark on critical matters.  Which camp has the better argument? 500 words 2 references 

Many people think they have all the ethical and moral training they need before they start a public administration program. For many, ethics is simply “doing good and avoiding evil”. How might training in administrative ethics help you to become a better public manager? 500 words 2 references 

Please describe the difference between ethics and moral?  Please give 3 examples of each, be very detailed in your response. 500 words 2 references 

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