memo of 8-pages

Your judge (and former congressional representative) has now been appointed an administrator in the new Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

She needs to know how immigration laws have changed in response to terrorist attacks. Consider the changes in enforcement with respect to immigrants, non-immigrants and illegal aliens. Are these changes justified as a matter of policy and ethics? How does this change America’s image of a “melting pot” of nationalities?


Address questions in a memo of 8-pages, APA Style Manual (6th .ed.) place citations for work in the body and provide reference page

Address her questions in a memo (this is a standard memo format), this is not a title page from a paper, of 4 – 5 pages (this is actually 4 – 5 complete pages of writing and not inserts, or double double spacing, the writing will be double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman.

It is highly suggested that when addressing the issues presented to the student in this particular assignment that the student use the Legal Cases which are being discussed and any other legal information which can be located in Law Review Articles and Case Law which can be found on

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