At-risk children benefit from access to specific programs that support their success in a school environment. By providing opportunities that students can connect with, the probability of them staying in school and matriculating to a two- or four-year college or university will increase. Biotech Academy in San Jose, California is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on bioscience. The program and its faculty, however, provide supports for at-risk students that go far beyond academics. To prepare for this discussion, watch the nearly 10-minute video Biotech Academy: A catalyst for change (Links to an external site.). Note that this video can also inform your completion of the Week Four Assignment.

Initial Post: Create an initial post that addresses the following:

  1. Share      a minimum of three things you observed showing how teachers at Biotech      Academy instigate and maintain student support and success. Be sure to      consider what characteristics they have to have and what behaviors and      practices they need to present to their students.
  2. Describe      the impact collaboration between teachers, parents, and students has on student      success as well as having a spirit of cooperation instead of competition      between students.
  3. Discuss      two to three observations you made that show relevancy between Biotech      Academy instruction & supports and what students need in      post-secondary education and employment. Be sure to address how having      such relevancy for student learning impacts their ultimate success.
  4. Discuss      how traditional school environments might learn from Biotech Academy and      employ in their school culture so as to potentially increase graduation      rates and matriculation to post-secondary education and employment for      at-risk students.
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