Lesson Plan Design

In this assignment you are expected to use the Understanding By Design Template, linked in Resources, to create a lesson plan in which you will teach a short lesson in reading or literacy to children 4–7 years of age. Please use the texts and theories you are reading about to develop a solid lesson plan that is individualized to the children you are working with. Be sure to include full descriptions in each section of the template to describe which method, curriculum, and assessment tool you will be utilizing. In addition, you will need to research your own state P–12 standards of reading and articulate how your lesson plan addresses appropriate standards. Or research NAEYC’s curriculum standards for literacy and base your work on that (linked in the Resources).

Plan to include in the lesson multi-sensory learning techniques. Be sure to include full descriptions in each section of the template to describe which method, curriculum, and multiple assessment tools, you must use formal and informal assessments to measure your learning goals, you will be utilizing.

To demonstrate your understanding of the instructional progression of phonological awareness, design a lesson using phonological and phonemic awareness strategies such as generating rhyming words, identify beginning phonemes, isolate beginning sounds, blend, segmentation, phonemic deletion, phoneme counting, or generate words when provided onsets or rhymes. Be sure to demonstrate how children will make a connection between reading and writing. You should also include in the lesson fluency and vocabulary development strategies.

Incorporate at least two of the following comprehension strategies into your plan that meet the comprehension levels in your classroom; activating background knowledge, using connections, that is text-to-self, text-to-world, text-to-text, predicting, questioning, visualizing, and setting a reading purpose.

Be sure to include your rationale for using implicit and/or explicit teaching strategies. In addition, include how you would differentiate this lesson to a variety of children including struggling, English Language Learner (ELL), and gifted students. Identify specific media tools or Web sites to help you teach the connection between reading, writing, and oral language. Be sure to scaffold students through guided work and provide time for students to work independently so as to assess if you chose effective teaching strategies.

The plan should be free of grammatical errors and be in APA style with proper citations. You will be expected to implement this plan to either one child or a small group of children for assignment three; therefore, please keep that in mind as you create the lesson as you will need access to the child or children you are creating it for.

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