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 The article was about information security, confidentiality, and cyber ethics for law entities. The article discussed the laws, ethics, and confidentaility involved in cyber security for law enforcement. The author discussed the difficulty in relation to understanding the laws, ethics, and confidentiality needed to hold up in a court of law. The article discussed how it is the responsibility of the lawyer to make sure the information is ethical and confidential according to the laws in place. The author also discusses the lawyers duty of competence and the challenges the lawyer would face.

  The title of the journal was Northern Kentucky Law Review. The journal is an independent journal that is edited by college law students. The journal was founded in 1973. The author was Thomas Doty. He is the Director of Intellectual Asset Protection at NuStrategies LLC. That company is a group of reformed attorneys and technology experts. Doty hold his Masters of Law degree from the University of New Hampshire. 

  The ethical issue highlighted was confidentiality. It would be the lawyer’s responsibility to make sure the information collected by law enforcement did not breach any confidentiality laws. If the confidentiality was breached, then an ethical dilemma would occur and the lawyers would have to find a solution. Confidentiality is a large issue especially online since a lot of people’s personal information is accessible online. Confidentiality causes a lot of ethical issues so lawyers and law enforcement officers have to be careful when walking this fine line. 

Thomas Doty, Esq, LLM ** (2017). ARTICLE: INFORMATION SECURITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, AND CYBER ETHICS FOR LAW ENTITIES . Northern Kentucky Law Review, 44, 1. Retrieved from

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