In this module, you will analyze the different types of formative, classroom assessments. The importance of goal-setting, conferencing, and providing specific feedback will also be addressed. Types of conferences include: 

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1) View this site in order to complete your assignment: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

2) Create a mastery measurement probe (not a curriculum based measurement probe) for a content-related skill. This should be a set of problems/questions that not only assess learning objectives, but are purposely designed to include samples that will help you analyze “how and/or why” any errors are made.

3) Construct a mock, completed copy of your probe (as if you were a student being assessed).  Be sure to include some examples of typical errors you might expect to see from a student’s completed assessment on the probe.  In an authentic teaching situation, analyzing these errors on a performance task such as this would help you determine an intervention designed specifically to meet this student’s unique needs. It would also assist you in providing individualized, constructive feedback that you would incorporate as part of the intervention.

4) Design a teacher-led, mock conference with this student in which you provide feedback.  This conference should also include a proposed goal that you would design with the student to increase the likelihood of achieving mastery.

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