1-Use the upload video and Explain what specific portions of the video were helpful to you and how.

link: https://youtu.be/rmpv3eLs7nY (Tanya Friedman, SF Education Fund’s Teacher Action Research)

2-Identify three considerations when collecting data via interviews. What data collection considerations need to be addressed in order to effectively conduct interviews?

3- Refer to the case study provided in chapter 5, p.104 and: 

(a) design interview questions to elicit from James Rockford’s students the reasons they use computers and/or for what purpose, and how keyboarding skills assist their computer proficiency; 

(B)Develop three open-ended questions and three closed questions; 

(C) For each question, write one to two sentences describing how the question assists in answering the research question “How does keyboarding instruction enhance students’ ability to use word processing, database, spreadsheet, and draw functions?”.

4- Using the above case study: 

(a)identify three types of data that assisted Mr. Rockford to understand how keyboarding instruction enhances his students’ ability to use word processing, database, spreadsheet, and draw functions; 

(B)Describe how they were used in this action research study to answer the research questions.

5-Why are qualitative methods better suited for conducting action research?

Bullet each question independently. The assignment must be completed using chapter 5; and APA 7th edition format is required.

Refer to the statement of focus document to get info about my research project

use 4 pages and include citations (author, year)

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