1. How does our experience of sensations and perceptions influence or generate what we call our consciousness? How would we experience consciousness without such sensory perceptions?  

2. How does our need for sleep influence or impact our conscious awareness of our perceptions? Do dreams reflect a distinct reality different from the environment which we experience when we are not sleeping, or does dreaming merely reflect our brain’s attempt to integrate our perceptions and awareness into our memories? 

3. In what ways would hypnosis or meditation impact our stress levels and/or our perceptions of our environment? Could hypnosis be used to alter or increase those perceptions?  Are we more or less aware during a state of hypnosis than our usual level of awareness?  

4. Describe the major types of behavioral conditioning. Which of these forms of conditioning do you believe would be the best to use to modify existing behavioral patterns?  Which one to teach a new behavior? And which one would be best to exterminate a phobic reactions?  

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