This is a group assignment and I am only responsible for one portion of the assignment, below you will find the instructions:

Must be original work and use peer-reviewed references!

Paper must be formatted using APA guidelines

Instruction for assignment:

· Watch “Pavlov’s Experiments on Dogs” and “Pavlov’s Experiments on Children

· Prepare a research proposal for one of Pavlov’s research experiments involving children, adjusting it for current principles of ethical guidelines.

· Read the article “The General Ethical Principles of Psychologists” found in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

· Identify one of the ethical violations and propose an alternative approach that would meet current ethical standards.

***My portion of the assignment ******

1. Watch “Pavlov’s Experiments on Dogs” and “Pavlov’s Experiments on Children

2. In 2-3 paragraphs use the three theories of learning(behaviorism, cognitivism,constructivism)   to explain the processes of classical conditioning and operant conditioning, supporting each usage with relevant evidence in animal and human psychological research. 

**Attached you will find a sample of a research proposal**

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