You will collect 30 different items or groups of items that can be used to teach math and science. Ten (10) items must be children’s math and science integrated literature books (5 for each content area).  These should be common items that are easily found around the house.  Example: buttons, bottle caps, toothpicks, leaves, magnets, etc.  These items will be put into Ziploc bags and then tagged with index cards that will list all of the concepts that can be taught using each item/item. WRITTEN REFLECTION:  You will reflect on the assignment above and what you learned about using everyday objects to teach math and science. Discuss how this activity support constructivist learning and how the items align with the college and career readiness standards for teaching Pre-K-3 through 3rd grade students. Discuss any challenges or triumph in preparing this assignment. It should not be more than three pages typed double space, times roman or Arial with 12-point font.

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