Critical thought papers must be 2-3 pages in length, double spaced, size 12 font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman. Students will choose one concept discussed in the class sessions prior to the paper being due. Students will summarize the concept

or theory,  critique the concept or theory, apply the concept or theory to one concrete real-life example, and propose one detailed future direction for research in this field. The summary should be no more than one paragraph(5-8 sentences)

and the remainder of the paper should be distributed evenly between critique, application, and proposal (approximately two paragraphs for each section). Students are expected to cite either lecture OR one of the textbooks. Students must support their paper with ONE other academic source (book, peer-reviewed journal article). Students are expected to cite using APA format. Questions about additional sources and APA should be directed to the teaching assistant. 

Papers are to be submitted to Canvas. 

Papers are weighted with each paper worth more toward the final grade than the last. This is designed to help students build writing skills necessary to succeed in this assignment.

concept: one drop rule

class note is attahced 

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