The Interview

Congratulations! You have received a call from the director of the Multigenerational Center, and he would like you to come in for an interview! In order to be completely prepared for your interview, he has shared with you a list of possible questions they could ask you during the interview. You will choose one question from each of the five big ideas: issues and trends in your field, environments, personal and ethical practices, leadership, and professional development. Respond comprehensively. Therefore, your assignment will consist of a response to five different questions, one from each category, which will prepare you for the interview.

Choose the link to your program to view the correct interview questions to be prepared for your interview,

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Potential Interview Questions

Issues and trends in your field

· How does having children with exceptionalities in the classroom impact your curriculum?  In what ways would you meet the needs of all learners?

· Describe your views of assessment of young children.  What kinds of records would you keep for monitoring student progress?  


· What five items would you put into an empty classroom? And Why?

· What strategies would you use for working with children in groups?  What strategies would you use to guide their behavior?

Personal and Ethical Practices

· Describe a time when you have had to deal with an upset parent.  How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?  

· What defines success for you as an early childhood educator?  What do you see as important to be effective in your role?


· In what ways would you build relationships with families in your program?  How often should you communicate with parents?

· As a leader with an assistant, how would you encourage an effective partnership and support your assistant?

· If you were a lead teacher in a classroom with an assistant, what are some strategies you would use to support your assistant?

Professional Development

· In what areas would you most like to develop? What skills do you feel you would still like to learn?

· How do you stay updated on news and innovations in the field of early childhood education?

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