Application: Artifact—Professional Statement on Interviewing

“Basic communication skills are important if the case manager is to establish a dialogue with the client. Effective communication includes demonstrating congruence between what is said verbally and nonverbally, engaging in active listening, and being sensitive to cultural differences. Listening is the key to conducting an effective interview” (Woodside & McClam, 2006, p. 128).

Interviewing is a fundamental skill in the human services field. Professionals make daily choices on the specific interviewing strategies that best meet the needs of a wide diversity of clients. In HUMN 4002, you had the opportunity to select a scenario and conduct live structured (in Week 3) and unstructured (in Week 4) interviews with a “mock” client as well as analyze advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

For this Assignment, think about the purpose of knowing and using different interview styles. Also, explore the kinds of specific behaviors you would engage in while conducting interviews.

To Prepare for this Assignment:

The Assignment:

Submit by Day 7 a 2- page document that includes your professional statement on interviewing in human services and your analysis of your professional statement on interviewing.

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