Assignment #1 Part 1 Due Wenesday the 17 by Midnight CST.

· Identify one 19th or early 20th century philosopher or psychologist from this unit’s assigned readings.

· Analyze and summarize the individual’s major contributions to scientific, philosophical, or psychological thought.

· Explain how the individual’s ideas adhere to psychophysiological, evolutionism, empiricism, materialism, creationism, intelligent design, phrenological, vitalism, scientific, sensational, perceptual, psychophysics, comparative, psychometric, statistical, eugenic, LaMarckianism, neuroanatomical, functionalism, structuralism, pragmaticism, phenomenological, or dynamic psychology system of thought.

Assignment #1 Part 2 Due Thursday the 18 by Midnight CST.

Summarize the article and provide the URL link to where it is located; identify any relationship between the research article and the main points of the assigned chapters; and discuss how it relates to any main point(s) in this unit’s assigned chapters. Article abstracts are not sufficient for analysis of relationships between the article and the assigned readings historical ideas main points. You must read the entire article to come to your conclusions.

Assignment #2 Due Thursday the 18 by Midnight CST.

Each student will provide a short biography and summarize the prominent individual’s major ideas and contributions to the development of psychology. 

Each student will also evaluate and explain how the individual’s ideas and contributions are significant to modern psychology today.

This paper will need to be written in APA style and citations, and will need at least three APA style references retrieved from expert sources or professional journals.  Other credible references can be obtained from the internet or other means. Wikipedia is not considered a credible academic source. 

The Biography and Analysis Paper is due by Thursday 11:59 PM CST . The paper is required to contain a minimum of 600 words(approximately 2.5pg), not including title and references page. This paper will be graded on overall quality of content, critical thinking, writing style, and adherence to minimum references and word count guidelines. A minimum of 4 academic references are required.

Reply to at least one other classmate’s ( I will supply you with the other student paper.) posted paper and will discuss how their own chosen philosopher/psychologist/scientist’s ideas and contributions compare and contrast to those of their classmate’s identified eminent individual. Each student will be expected to come up with information that is not found in another student’s paper. The student peer reply is required to be substantive, containing at least 300 words. The peer response reply is due Unit 6 by Sunday 11:59 PM CST.

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