Answer the following discussion post below and post answers to the two discussion responses. Your research paper is about domestic violence and if men can truly recover from being abusive towards their loved ones. Your research paper is coming along great and has been completed; find a way to implement this response into your discussion post. 

Discussion Question:

This week, please post what you feel is the most fascinating thing you have learned about your research topic that you had not known before.  How has this impacted the way you would study this topic if you had known this before you started?  

Additionally, how is your research paper coming?  I would love for each of you to share and support one another in the research process, as this can be so helpful in terms of staying motivated and boosting morale.

Discussion response #1

he most fascinating thing I have learned about my research topic I had not known before, is there aren’t many literature review touching base in the realm of mental distress status on post renal transplant recipients. It is understandable reasons maybe due to the lack of medical knowledge pertaining to this particular subgroup, and the vast medical history factors playing a key role, in which may hinder some researchers to take the time to do an in-depth search and study on the history of End Stage Renal Disease patients. 

Fortunately I was already knowledgeable in this particular medical area of this study, in so I was prepared to deepen my knowledge even further on the bases of researching similar literature to find any gaps or possible new information. 

My research topic of choice was very inspiring, and motivated me to continue non-stop until my paper came to the required satisfaction of what was expected from us to complete. Though this was quite a detailed assignment, I am relieved to have finished and I encourage those who are close to the finish line, to continue to press forward… there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Discussion response #2

think the most fascinating thing I have learned about my topic is the overall impact social media can have on someone’s psychological well-being. It’s hard for me to believe that technology has come to this point for people. I’m sure people who have invented things and made significant advancements for technology couldn’t imagine what is going on today. It has made me more aware about my own feelings on social media and has caused me to be more conscious of my use and distance myself from certain social media outlets because I want to protect myself. I also will stress to parents and teens the importance of taking a break from social media. 

My research paper is going well I think. I’m trying to figure out which direction to take the next section of the paper and just fitting in everything I need to do around homework. It can be overwhelming at times, especially in time of uncertainty. 

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