For this assignment, you’re going to put self-efficacy into action by writing your own success story. You will write three goals that you want to see happen in your life. These goals can be work related or personal. Consider what words and motivational phrases you will use as encouragement along the journey. Then, do what Andrew Bennet did: write what you see happening when you achieve your goal. 

You can organize your paper in the following way.

Part 1: Describe three goals that you plan to work towards that will increase your self-efficacy. Explain why you are confident that you can succeed, then explain how you plan to succeed. Be sure to provide details and any intermediate goal you may set to build up to your stretch goals.  

Part 2: Explain what motivates you or gives you more grit, i.e. any words or motivational phrases you will use to encourage yourself on the journey to your stretch goals. 

Part 3: Describe what you see happening in your life when you achieve your goal. Be sure to address how this action of reaching your goal will affect your self-efficacy and the power dynamics in your workplace.

Assignment requirements:

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