Topic: What African Leaders can do strategically that would impact the continent positively in the Future.

This project consists of two parts:

· Part one is a speech in the form of a position paper that you will prepare for presentation at the international conference on leadership using the assigned reading and other sources. The speech should be 1200 words (±10% excluding abstract and references) to outline the main points of your presentation. Include organizational leadership and biblical worldview concepts within a global perspective as you seek to persuade an audience of your peers.

· Show an understanding of strategic thinking, a global future, and driving forces topics

· Show an understanding of cause-effect relationships between concepts and outcomes

· Show integration of organizational leadership and biblical worldview

· Part two is a PowerPoint presentation comprising 8-10 slides that you will create to accompany your speech. Refer to the writing guidelines for what is anticipated in a typical position paper (that is how to argue the point of your speech).

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