When reasons for using mixed methods in a published study are given, the most frequently given reasons are _____.

According to Hesse-Biber’s book, the five reasons to use mixed methods are _____.

The most frequently used type of quantitative data collection method used in mixed methods studies is _____.

When integrating the results of qualitative and quantitative analyses, _____ occurs when the two data sources contradict each other and cannot be reconciled.

In a(n) _____ design, quantitative data are collected and analyzed first, then qualitative data collection is done to follow up on the quantitative results.

According to Bryman, although qualitative and quantitative methods can be combined at various stages of a study, the defining features of research methods are _____.

A _____ sampling design for mixed methods involves separate samples for the qualitative and quantitative parts of the study recruited at the same time.

In a(n) _____ mixed methods design framework, researchers are interested in introducing and evaluating an intervention.

Which of the following is not one of the three basic mixed methods designs identified by Fetters, Curry, & Creswell as being implemented at the design level?

In a(n) _____ mixed methods design framework, researchers are interested in conducting a thorough investigation of a single unit of analysis

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