You will choose a book on a grade level of your choice (at least second grade or above) and pick out 5–9 tier II vocabulary words from the book you select.  Make sure you watch the Presentation:  Providing a Good Vocabulary Lesson within Module Week 2’s Reading and Study Folder.  You will create a total of 4 short PowerPoint presentations.  In order to teach the meaning of each word, the first PowerPoint presentation will have 1 of the selected words on the first slide and a picture illustrating the word will be placed on the second slide. You will follow this pattern for each of the remaining vocabulary words (as shown in the example PowerPoint, Word and Picture Sample).  There should be an individual slide at the beginning of Word and Picture, the first PowerPoint, that includes the title and author(s) of the book you chose.

You will then develop 3 more PowerPoint presentations using the same vocabulary words to create the following PowerPoint presentations: Example/Not Example (each word should include four answer choices), Idea Completions (each sentence starter should end with “because…” or you should ask a question), and Describe a Time (the vocabulary word should be defined – include a synonym). All activities must have an individual slide for each word.  Please see all of the sample PowerPoint links in Assignment Instructions for further guidance.

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