APA format

at least 3 in text citations

at least 300 words (does not include ref page)

NO title page


Using the assigned readings, supplemental readings, and any other additional external resources, identify SES-based or geographically-oriented cultural aspects. Describe characteristics, values, norms, language, and other significant attributes about this culture. Be sure to address myths and misconceptions surrounding this culture as well as bias, stereotyping, and prejudice that is associated with this culture. Describe ways that students can change SES and/or geographic location.


New York Times (n.d.). How Class Works.

Payne, R. K. (1996).Understanding and Working with Students and Adults from Poverty.

Payne, R. K. (1998). A Framework for understanding poverty by Ruby Payne. Aha Press, Inc: TX. (Can be obtained from Amazon.com)

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