A trend analysis is the process of identifying and collecting information and data over time. Without the use timely and accurate information and data, it is highly unlikely that critical organizational issues will be effectively addressed. Taking the time to conduct a trend analysis will lay a solid foundation for organizational strategic planning.

When beginning a trend analysis, start by looking for obvious increases or decreases in areas where data are traditionally collected. For instance in a school, enrollments, test scores, and ESE student population may be some of the areas you would collect/analyze data. In a business setting, customers served, inventory turnover, and finances would be areas of concern. In human services hotline usage, referral patterns, and incidents of specific crimes might be explored. For higher education – demand for online programs, student retention, international student enrollment etc.

For this assignment, you will conduct a trend analysis in your organization. You will look at one trend that you can trace at least 3 to 5 years.

****TREND ANALYSIS TOPIC: Demand for higher education online programs and degrees and how they have continued to grow in popularity in the last 3-5 years in Florida***

1. Prepare a 5 page paper (not including appendices) focusing on an organizational trend using APA format/guidelines (double-spaced).

2. Intro- Provide background information on the organization and the trend you are researching. (2 pages long)

3. Research, compile, and react to a minimum of 4 research articles related to the trend/issue to be analyzed.

4. Conclude your paper with recommendations and discuss programs (services or resources needed) that will address areas where deficiencies are noted.

5. Include a reference list following APA 6th edition format guidelines. Remember, every assignment must include the FCE title page. See appendix for grading rubric. 

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