Every industry publishes many trade publications, periodicals, and academic journals. Successful professionals regularly review the literature in their industries to explore the intellectual developments and range of resources available within their disciplines.

Develop a journal to collect print and/or electronic resources that are specific to the discipline of adult education and training. You will add to this journal several times throughout this course and may choose to keep it updated going forward in future courses.

Locate a minimum of two resources that are specific to the field of adult education and training.

Include the following information for each resource:

·         Name

·         Associated costs or membership, if any

·         Subject focus

·         Intended audience

·         Tone: highly technical, research-based, or application-based

·         A 5- to 7-sentence description of how the resource serves the discipline

Format all citations and references according to APA guidelines.


Refer to the article from the Association for Talent Development about the ASTD Competency Model: “Training and Development Competencies Redefined to Create Competitive Advantage.”

Write a 625- to 700-word letter to your future self about what you will need to know to be an effective adult educator.

Address the following in your letter:

·         Summary of the ASTD Competency Model

·         Examples for effective use of the ASTD Competency Model

·         Current developments in workplace learning in both formal and informal settings

·         Challenges regarding motivation that facilitators might face, and how to motivate adult learners in an adult learning environment

·         Digital age benefits and challenges

·         Ethics and values in the adult learning environment

Include any references you consulted as a footnote in your letter.


Visualize that your Learning Team comprises the Faculty Training Department of a thriving online university. Your university is recognized and respected as a leader in promoting and maintaining a positive culturally diverse environment for all stakeholders. Your team has been tasked with creating a cultural awareness presentation to be given at the next University Leadership Summit.

Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation on cultural awareness.

Include the following:

·         A definition of cultural diversity

·         Why cultural awareness is important for educators of adults

·         Communication strategies for interacting with diverse learners

·         Skills for demonstrating cultural sensitivity in a learning environment

·         Strategies for avoiding bias and prejudice in instruction

·         Strategies for promoting acceptance and respect in the learning environment

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