This weeks topic revolves around Child Guidance and Discipline Strategies. in 400-500 words respond to the following questions:

1. Self Regulation: What activities could you implement, either at home or in a classroom, that would help young children develop self regulation? Provide an example for both preschool and elementary age children. 

2. Adult Guidance Style: Think about your experiences with teachers when you were in school. What style did they use? Was it developmentally appropriate for the grade? Explain why or why not. 

3. Discipline: Conduct a search online and find 2 discipline strategies recommended for either parents or teachers. Find one developmentally appropriate strategy for preschool age children and one for elementary age (1-3 grade). State why you feel the strategy is developmentally appropriate. Include the name of the site from which you found the information. (APA is not required). 

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