Read please Read!!!! I am in my Master degree program.  APA must be on point.  I am getting my Master.  APA must be formatting right.  Don’t Bid if you don’t know APA.

Think about a leader you admire. This individual might be a famous contemporary leader, someone from history, someone from your family, or someone with whom you have worked. The primary concern is that the individual has demonstrated traits that you feel like make him or her a great leader.

Reflect on this person’s character and leadership skills utilizing the trait approach and write a paper discussing your thoughts and conclusions. This could be how you believe he or she developed leadership skills, how the traits affected his or her life and others’ lives, or how his or her traits defined him or her.

Then, compare the traits you identified in that person to an honest assessment of your own traits. Do you feel you also possess any of those traits? Are there any traits you identified that you would like to develop or improve? How would this benefit you or others?

Your reflection paper must be at least three pages in full length, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at least one scholarly resource other than the textbook to support your reflection. All sources must be properly cited. Your reflection paper, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.

APA is a critical part of graduate studies, so this course will require you to practice your APA formatting skills. The following link is a great resource in the Waldorf Online Library that can assist you with APA formatting:

The leader I pick will be my Grandmother Ida Porter, she was a 5th grade school teacher for 30 years.  She taught English, spelling, and Science.  And was also a church leader for many decades.  

Reference:  Northouse, P. G. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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