NUR502 Week 1 Master’s-Prepared Nurse Interview

Nurse Interview

Suliat Ogunlana

Grand Canyon University

NUR-502 Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice

Dr. Nora Hamilton


The aim of this paper is to conduct an interview with a master’s-prepared nurse. I chose to interview a nurse practitioner (NP) because they’re at the focal point of a master’s prepared level in a nursing career. Discussion will ensue regarding the nurse practitioner’s career overview, hergraduate education, and her present position and role with pearls of wisdom. 

Getting a chance to interview a NP is notan easy task as many attempts to get a face to face appointment failed. They have very busy schedulebecause of their organizational responsibilities and finding time to grant a quality interview about their position and roles. Interviewing a nurse practitioner for me was even harder because the interview was done over the phone due to the NP’s busy schedule.

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