1. Theoretical Analysis and Application of Workbook
  1. By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:
  1. Competency 1: Apply psychological theories to explain and improve sport performance.
  1. Assignment Preparation
  2. One excellent resource available in this course is the Premier Sport Psychology Mental Training System workbook. It gives many hands-on strategies to use with athletes. By examining the theoretical framework of a section from the workbook, you will be better able to apply the strategies to your professional life. In addition to exploring the theoretical background of strategies, it is important to work through the book as an athlete would. This enables you to account for variations that need to be made concerning diversity in athletes. It also allows you to evaluate the strategy as a whole for strengths and weaknesses you may not otherwise have seen.
  3. Prior to beginning this assignment, complete one section of the Premier Sport Psychology Mental Training System workbook from the perspective of an athlete.
  4. Select a section from the workbook. You may choose the “Warm Up,” “Emotions and Body Reactions,” or “Performance” section.
  1. Assignment Instructions
    1. Analyze the theories that support your chosen section of the workbook.
    • A section could be based on one or many theories from sport psychology. Analyze how well various theories align with the workbook.
    • Point out places where the workbook deviates from the theories. Suggest potential reasons for any deviation.
  2. Apply the selected section of the workbook to a sport with which you are familiar. When applying the workbook, begin with a description of relevant details about the sport (gender, level, et cetera). After applying the workbook to the sport, analyze how it could enhance performance for athletes.
  3. Apply the same section of the workbook to a new, diverse population. When applying the workbook, be sure to distinguish this population from your initial population. Compare and contrast the use and effectiveness of the section of the workbook for both populations.
  4. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks this section of the workbook has when working with diverse populations of athletes. In your evaluation, you can consider both your initial population and your diverse population.
  5. Throughout your paper, be sure you are supporting your analysis and evaluations with peer-reviewed literature.
  6. Submission Requirements
  7. Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
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