The Final Project is an opportunity for students to integrate the formal information, theoretical material, and research data presented in class and through the texts  with their lab experiences with their children and families (I need to notice that my experience is working with an adult disability people).   The project will also offer students an opportunity to undertake an in-depth exploration of their child’s (changing to a disabled adult) disability/diagnosis in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge of developmental disabilities.   Lastly, the project will provide students with an opportunity to further develop their research and formal writing skills.  The project will be multi-faceted and will culminate in a lengthy written product.  Detailed instructions are below: 

Step 1:  Gather data from books and periodicals (12 references published in the last 10 years (2005-2015) about the particular delay/disability/diagnosis that pertains to your child (not child, my experience is working with a disabled adult).  These materials will be the basis for the Literature Review section of your paper, which will be further described below.  Your research needs to be focused on a particular aspect of your experience with your child or family.  For example, if your child (not child, my patient is a disabled adult) is an adolescent who has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome you may want to focus specifically on Down Syndrome and peer relations, sexuality, obesity, or independent living.  Your 12 references should pertain to the specific topic you have chosen. (My topic is about “disabled adult physical”)

Step 2:  Gather information about the local, national, and international services available to individuals with your child’s disability/diagnosis.  You may obtain information from the family, the Exceptional Family Resource Center, and other agencies, as well as the internet.  This information will be used to write a section which focuses on services offered to children with your child’s particular special needs.

Step 3:  Organizing and writing your paper. The format of your paper is to be as follows:

A. Title page.

B. Abstract:  A brief summary of the main ideas in the paper.  It must be accurate, coherent, and succinct, not exceeding 150 words.

C. Summary:  Write a summary of your experience with the child and family describing the child’s disability and your visitation with him/her.

D. Introduction:  Discuss the purpose of your paper.  Why is it important to consider this issue?  Present the theoretical background concluding with a statement of the purpose of your paper.

E. Literature Review:  This is the major portion of your paper.  Review the 12 research articles from the professional journals that deal with this issue.  Summarize main ideas in the articles and point out shared outcomes and differences.

F. Discussion:  What does this review tell us about the issue?  What are your conclusions based on the literature review?  What are your expectations in regard to your experience with the child when considering the literature presented in your paper?  Discuss and analyze the research data and your practical experience.  Make sure to relate to specific articles in your discussion.  The Discussion section is one of the most important parts of your paper.

G. Services and Treatment:  List and give information about available services in your community, as well as at the state, national, and international levels.  Also, describe more specifically the various services used by your child/family.

H. Conclusions:  Write about  and describe your personal gains from your experience with your child/family.

I. References:  List all references used in your paper.  Use the following form for reference entry (see APA 6th Edition for more clarification):

a. Citation of Books:

Author(s) (Date).  Title, Edition.  Place of Publication.  Publisher.

b. Citation of Periodicals:

Author(s) (Date).  Title of article in full.  Name of Journal, Volume, pages.

-Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

-Start each complete idea in a new paragraph with a 5-space 


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