Use an institution of your choosing  one in Georgia that you can obtain information about through its website.

For this question, respond to both parts of these instructions:


 After thinking about your institution, apply each part of Suskie’s (2018) description to what you see to be the current status of assessment efforts. 

Include an analysis of where it appears there are strengths, a need for improvement, or both, in the process of assessing student learning outcomes.

The Four-Step Teaching-Learning-Assessment Process 

1.  Establish clear, observable expected goals for student learning 

2. Ensure that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those goals 

3. Systematically gather, analyze, and interpret evidence of how well student learning meets those goals

4. Use the resulting information to understand and improve student learning

Suskie, Linda. Assessing Student Learning : A Common Sense Guide, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2018. 


Second, explain how the current status of assessment efforts compares to what you read in Kinzie’s (2010) article Attached, “Perspectives from Campus Leaders on the Current State of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.” Remember to provide citations from the readings for the information that you use

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