SWOT Assignment (MKT 4101)   

(Value: 10%)

Assignment Objectives:


  1. Choose a product or service that you think is interesting (and different from a product or service chosen by your classmates). Decide if you’re going to focus on a whole company (i.e. Apple) or a product from that company (i.e. iPhone).  You may find it easiest to focus on specific products or services.
  2. Using the template provided (on page 3), create a SWOT for your chosen product or service:
    • Research the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist for this product or service.
    • Use the information you’ve found to create short, concise bullet points in the SWOT.
    • Follow the tips for writing a good SWOT from our Week 3 class slides (posted in Blackboard under ‘weekly lessons’) (focused, concise, etc.).
    • Cite and reference key sources of information (you don’t have to cite every point on the SWOT, just 3-4 key points) using learning about APA from your English Writing course.
  3. At the top of your paper:
    • Write the product name and SWOT i.e. ‘Product x SWOT’
    • Write your name under the title
  4. Save your file with the following name: SWOT Assignment_Your First & Last Name_MKT4101_2017.

Length & Format: 

Submitting Your Assignment: 


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