You can watch Survivor: Island of Idols on CBS. It airs Wednesdays at 8pm so plan to watch or set your DVR so that you’ll be able to watch at your convenience. If you don’t have network TV you can watch up to five full episodes of the show without a subscription at (Links to an external site.). You’ll need to watch one or two episodes from this season to be able to participate in this discussion

Also note that this discussion is worth double previous discussions because it will be up for longer and you can use concepts from across the semester in your responses.

I’d like everyone to watch at least one episode. In your response identify the episode and briefly describe the scenes or people that you’re talking about. The main body of your response should address how this fits with something we’ve been talking about this semester

We’ll be talking about Social Dilemmas. You’ll see that there are some aspects of many reality TV shows fit very well with concepts from that chapter – you’ve got a bunch of people competing for a large sum of money who have to live or work together for quite some time so you can see how the ideas of competition and negotiation, among others might fit.

We’re also talking about Groups. Again there are tons of topics in that chapter that fit Survivor – leadership, who does the work in groups, evaluating group members, etc.

You can also go back to consider other concepts and topics from the course. Gender and cultural factors. Situational vs. dispositional attributional processes. Social cognition. Aggression. Stereotypes. Whatever you want to focus on.

Please tie the concept that you choose to talk about in to a specific scene from the show – provide enough detail so that we can all know what you are talking about.

Final point, it doesn’t matter if you hate “reality TV” or think ?? is a horrible show. The point is to take the interactions and identify/apply the relevant social psychological concepts.

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