1.  Why does a crisis worker need to have a thorough knowledge of the risk factors that suicidal/homicidal clients might portray? In your response, list several of the risk factors that are considered most serious in times of the client’s vulnerability to lethality.   

2.  Walker’s theory of learned helplessness has been hotly debated.

Walker sees it as a sophisticated coping mechanism that allows

women to survive a potentially lethal relationship while many

feminists see it as demeaning of women in that they fit into the

stereotype of “helpless females.” Take a position for or against

learned helplessness in battering relationships.

3.  Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing


Assume EMDR does have potential to work. Why then do you think

there is so much resistance to it? Is this any different than the

views of new and unexplained phenomena in other fields? 

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