LSQ: is What does psychology literature tell us about relationship between school relate anxiety cyber bullying and school bullying had to break it down in three aspect of bullying

Connections of school bullying and cyberbullying

Statement of Problem, RQ Development, and Significance of Proposed Study

This discussion has three parts. You will be asked to articulate the need for your study, known as the research problem and include a draft of your research question (RQ) as well as the potential significance of the research. As we have discussed, it is the job of the scientific investigator to identify new areas of inquiry and ways to gain new knowledge in these areas. Research questions are used by scientists to frame potential areas of inquiry. 

But before developing a research question, the research problem must be identified and justified. To justify the research question, scientists will consider the implications of the problem for those who have a stake in the results of the investigation. The significance of the findings will be presented to the stakeholders and sponsors of the investigation.

Your task is to consider what you have learned as you reviewed the literature and to identify what must be learned if we are to advance the knowledge base.

Statement of Problem

Summarize the following in one or two short paragraphs:

Distill your statement of the research problem to one or two sentences that describe what must be learned about the problem.

Refer to the qualitative or quantitative project guide (linked in Resources) for help placing the research problem in the context of your course project. Begin working independently on completion of the template to support your completion of the project.

Research Question (RQ) Development

Identify your research question by differentiating between qualitative and quantitative research questions. Refer to the appropriate qualitative or quantitative project guide (linked in Resources) for tips.

Characteristics of Qualitative Research Questions
Characteristics of Quantitative Research Questions

Significance of Proposed Study

Summarize the following in one or two short paragraphs:

Response Guidelines

Offer substantive comments and detailed constructive feedback to one of your peers. Please respond to a new learner for each discussion.


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