Solving My People Puzzle: Part 1 Instructions

This learning activity (i.e., Parts 1 and 2) will provide resources for describing, developing, and managing your personality (i.e., relational style: thinking, doing, feeling, and relating to others) against the backdrop of various people puzzles (e.g., extrovert/introvert, project/people oriented, thinking/feeling/doing, etc.). Interestingly, your interpersonal arena could be described as a bumper-human world as various behavioral pressures continually bless, bother, and bruise us. Understanding that “personality pressure” is a felt experience that often reveals what makes you tick and get ticked off with different people empowers you to become personality-, emotionally-, and relationally-wise. It will come as no surprise to realize that how you think, feel, and relate differently influences your relationships, even the people-helping relationship. Keep in mind that it really does not matter what your personality is. What matters most is that you learn to control it through appropriate resources and best-fit strategies rather than allowing your personality to be in control.

Overview of Part 1

*A hallmark purpose is a governing influence that helps people on the other side of “Me” see and remember Jesus in “Me.” It is a distinguishing mark that gives a life its stamp of authenticity. For example, “This believer is committed to being an imitator of Christ (i.e., imitate God as Christ did; Eph. 5: 1, 2) and through a lifestyle of imitation, aspires to influence others toward Christ and subsequent imitation (i.e., illustrate Christ; 1 Cor. 11:1).” See SMPP Part 1: Question 2, HMP Tip for more details.

You will complete this assignment in 2 parts; feedback and assessment will be provided through 2 submissions of Solving My People Puzzle (SMPP). The following outline identifies essential components of the SMPP Part 1: Describing My Relational Style Report.

(Solving My People Puzzle: Part 1 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.)

Template Components of Part 1: Describing My Relational Style Report

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