1. (Discussion Post atleast 125 words) Many social scientists argue that parental social class largely predicts children’s future opportunities and success.  Yes, there are some “outlier” examples (individuals who grow up in extreme poverty, but manage to become extremely affluent in adulthood), but for the most part are we just following in our parents’ footsteps?  Do you agree or disagree?  Argue for or against this sociological debate referencing Lareau’s work and the lecture outlines.

2 (Reading Summary). I want at least 200 words total (some students may go over this, and that is fine).  For example, Week 2 has two required readings: A chapter from the Essentials book and “The Sociological Imagination.”  I am looking for at least 200 words total discussing both readings– not 200 words for each reading.

Overall, I am looking for: Did you read both articles?  Did you understand the readings enough to pick out the main points?  What were your personal reflections?  You must discuss the main points of each article to get full credit.  After you briefly discuss each articles’ main points, you are allowed to focus your reflections on one of the readings more closely (if you found that reading more compelling or interesting).  

For example:

The Essentials chapter discussed… (one to two sentences discussing the overall main points).  The “Sociological Imagination” discussed… (one to two sentences discussing the overall main points).  I found this particular point of Mills’ reading interesting… I enjoyed his discussion of… I found this point by the author compelling… I found this point questionable…

The key here is: be sure to discuss each of the readings’ main points and then include your own personal reflections/reactions.  If you follow this advice, you will do just fine!  Email me with any further questions.

Read both powerpoints and article for post 1. It should be atleast 125 words. 

Read only article for post 2. It should be a summary of the article. Read the requirements above for post 2. 

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