Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this discussion, watch the video From Facebook to friendship | Ashford University (Links to an external site.) –  see link below – and explore Ashford University’s Social Media Platforms. Read Module 4 in your course textbook and Week 2 Instructor Guidance. In Module 4, read about the different ways in which blogs and social media can be used to enhance your personal and academic life.

Reflect: Think about how we utilize social media to make personal and academic connections with others. Think about the benefits and drawbacks of using blogs and social media such as the scenario presented in the video, as well as how you plan to maintain your privacy while online. You are encouraged to get involved and start building your academic community. Find some of your peers online and get connected!

Write: For this discussion, there are two parts. Follow the instructions for each part below in order to successfully meet the discussion response requirements.

  Part 1 – Social Media Platforms

Select one of the following Social Media platforms provided below and answer the questions associated with your choice.  While several choices were provided, I have selected YouTube as my Social Media Platform of choice for this discussion question.  

 Part 2 – Privacy Policies

This section covers the privacy policy associated with your chosen social media platform and the use of social media. Remember YouTube is my chosen social media platform for this discussion question. 

Your initial post should be at least 250 words.


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