Early childhood teachers need to stay connected to what is occurring in the community outside the classroom politically and economically because these factors will influence their classroom. Items of recent debate include social and emotional development, as well as technology in the early childhood classrooms.

For this assignment, take on the role of an early childhood teacher. The principal of your school has placed you on a committee to create a 12-15 slide digital presentation to inform families about current trends in early childhood education. Explain the trends and discuss whether they are developmentally appropriate for young children. In addition, include a description of the effect this trend has on student outcomes. The presentation should discuss early childhood trends and influences on the early childhood classroom in the following areas:

  1. Political (legislative and regulatory)
  2. Economic
  3. Social-emotional
  4. Technological
  5. One trend of choice (e.g., assessment, physical fitness, play in the classroom, emergent curriculums, recess, common core)

Include a title slide, reference slide, and speaker’s notes in your digital presentation.

Use 3-5 scholarly resources to support your research

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