Self Intro Speech Submission

  1. Preparation

Step 1: Decide on a topic.  Utilize an Interest Chart (review Finding Your Topic lecture) or Self Awareness Inventory (found in Chapter 3) to help.  General topics could be a hobby, plan in life, an event that shaped you, strange or unusual aspect of who you are, etc.  Please DO NOT tackle all of these topics in one speech…choose only one (or come up with another topic not given as an example).

Step 2: Create a 3-5 minute presentation about your chosen topic.  Speeches should have:

  1. A basic introduction with an engaging beginning thought and preview of topic
  2. A body with at least two main points that have description/support
  3. A basic conclusion with a summary of topic, an engaging ending thought, and tie/lesson for audience

The outline form and example for the Self Intro Speech Outline, under the Self Intro Speech Outline Submission tab, may help with structure of this speech.

Step 3: Choose ONE (you may have a few, if you would like) presentation aid to use during the presentation.  Review the Presentation Aid lecture from Module 2 for guidelines and examples.

Step 4: Decide on attire.  Please make sure you are presentable in dress and physical appearance (but still can be casual).  Think about what you would wear if you were presenting in an actual Public Speaking classroom.

Step 5: After completing your outline for the speech, print it off for use while presenting.  DO NOT use your computer for an outline while you present your speech.  Also, do not present your speech utilizing an essay or fully written out speech.  Please only use the outline you created for this assignment.  You may use an iPad or tablet for outline, if you would like…and it saves a few trees.

Step 6: Invite 7 adults (16 and older) to be your audience for the speech.  Ensure that you consider your environment and where you will have them sit so they may see you properly.


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