Attached are the videos of the 2 people that need to be reviewed.  Read full instructions. You may have to log in to review information about the 2+2 feedback

Link 1:

Link 2: this assignment, you will review two of your fellow learner’s teaching application recordings. Follow the directions in Adobe Connect and choose two. Watch each one once all the way through and then use the assessment guidelines given in the course to reflect on each video’s teaching activities.

As you write, remember to focus on the 2+2 approach to give feedback. You will post these 2+2 feedback pieces in the second discussion in Unit 9. Feedback is presented as if you are mentors to one another. Provide recommendations to the other student regarding ways to improve instructional outcomes and student learning.

You will assess each teaching lesson video and describe your assessment of each one. You will then write a 3–5 page paper in which you identify the two videos you are assessing. The paper must describe and evaluate the teaching activity, developmental appropriateness, and supported differentiated reading instruction. Compare and contrast the two approaches giving suggestions for improvement and identifying the strengths of each. Describe how each lesson was appropriate or inappropriate in supporting differentiated reading instruction for the child and how the lessons impacted the literary environment.

Then, add a section in which you will write as if you were the administrator of the school. Provide each teacher with your critique sheet along with recommendations for growth at both the school wide and classroom levels. You will be using a critique sheet during your teaching video review. With this sheet you will be looking for evidence of specific teaching strategies related to fluency, for example repeated reading, modeling fluent reading, choral reading, or readers’ theater, and explicit demonstration of vocabulary development using several instructional strategies from your readings. In addition, pay attention to identifying how each teacher included such areas as phonemic or phonological awareness, explicit instruction, guided practice, independent reading, interactive talk, opportunities for response and if there was any opportunity for reading and writing across the curriculum.

Provide suggestions for professional development that you think would assist the teachers in strengthening their ability to teach reading and literacy along with supporting the school wide literacy program.

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